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How to Sell your home on youtube

Are You Using YouTube to Market Your Home? When it comes to selling your home, it's better to be more like George and Jane Jetson than Fred and Wilma Flintstone. In this day and age, a tech-savvy seller is far more likely to have success than someone stuck in the Stone Age!

All cartoon jokes aside, you need to use technology to your advantage if you're planning on putting your home on the market. Let's face it, technology, communication, and the internet run our day-to-day lives.

Don't believe me? Chances are you're reading this article on your home or work computer, or maybe even on your smart phone. And while you're reading this, someone out there is looking to buy a home. They are likely browsing multiple real estate websites, so what can make your listing stand out from the rest? A video tour of your home. If the competition only has still photographs of their home, prospective buyers can only visualize that one room from that one angle. But if you or your realtor shoots a video walk-through of your home, and then uploads it to YouTube or a similar website, the buyer can take a virtual tour of it before scheduling an actual viewing. As you walk from room to room, they'll be able to visualize where their furniture might fit in the home, or how they will decorate each space. Plus, if you want to add some commentary about the home, try telling stories about memories made in each room as you give the tour. The buyer might subconsciously identify with you, and hope to make similar memories with their family in the same home! A perfect example is if you have children who are now grown, but tell how they often used to play for hours in the bonus room upstairs. A buyer who has small children of their own will be able to look at the room, and visualize their kids playing in the same space.

Having an online video tour of your home also helps all parties involved – the seller, the buyer, and the real estate agents. Buyers can sift through multiple videos, and only schedule in person viewings of the homes that make the cut. That helps the buyer's agent out because it trims down the number of homes the prospective buyer wants to tour. And best of all, it helps out your agent and you!

If someone has already seen the video, and now wants to tour your home in person, it is likely that they are a serious buyer looking to make an offer. Videos on YouTube aren't the only tech savvy tool being used by sellers and Realtors these days, though. In addition to indoor photographs of the home, many listings now include panorama photos of the exterior. These allow prospective buyers to see how the home and yard sit on the property, and give them good look at the backyard, neighbors’ homes, and landscaping. Links to the home's address using the application Google Earth also help, so the buyer can see a satellite view of the home taken from above, and can look down the street with the Streetview feature.

Also, ask if your Realtor uses Facebook or Twitter. Often times, buyers will be searching for homes during a quick lunch break at work, or while waiting in traffic, so statuses and tweets with links to listings are very helpful and convenient. For example, a tweet saying “great 4 bed/3 bath, wonderful neighborhood, kid-friendly, affordably-priced, click here” tells a buyer the basics, and if they want to know more, they can click on the link to your home's listing. Although there is no substitution for seeing the home in person, having a buyer who has already taken a video tour of your home may help you sell your home faster!

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