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RealtyPin.com's Top 5 Cities To Buy a Home in This Year


Best city to buy a house

The Top 5 Cities to Buy a Home in This Year - If you're looking to relocate, but don't know where you want to live, it can be a stressful and frustrating decision. Many factors should go into your decision. For example, why are you moving? Are you recently retired? Perhaps you're a new graduate looking to start their professional career in a new city? Or, maybe you're starting a family and want to do so in a new location. Also, when narrowing down your list of potential cities, you need to consider factors that matter the most to you. Do you care more about a stable job market or culture and nightlife? Does a low crime rate matter to you, or are you looking for somewhere with low cost of living? We've taken all of this into consideration, and created our Top 5 list of cities that we think are the most well-rounded options for buyers looking for a fresh start:

#5 – Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City is one of the few metropolitan areas in the country that can brag about their job market growing over the last year. While the rest of the country was just starting to see economic recovery, Oklahoma City was ahead of the game, demonstrating consistent job growth throughout 2012. Plus, the downtown area recently went through a revitalization, bringing many new nightlife options to town. And for sports fans, the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the most exciting, young, and talented teams in the league.

#4 – Seattle, WA
Seattle makes our list because of the high level of educated people living there. Over 50% of the citizens of Seattle have a Bachelor's degree, meaning there are plenty of high-income job opportunities available in this city. But big job growth isn't all Seattle has to offer. It's great place to raise a family, with many surrounding suburbs located within driving distance for the daily work commute. In addition to the countless entertainment options located downtown, Seattle and its surrounding areas are also home to 5,500 acres of parks, perfect for the outdoors lover.

#3 – Honolulu, HI
Honolulu would have been higher on our list, but property values in this exotic paradise are through the roof. That means that not everyone can afford to live here. But, if it's in your price range, Honolulu is an attractive option because of the relaxed lifestyle of its residents. Most everyone here is healthy, happy, and free-spirited. It's a perfect place for anyone looking for an active island lifestyle!

#2 – San Diego, CA
What's not to love about San Diego? It's a very educated city, with 40% of all residents holding a Bachelor's degree. Plus it has low poverty and crime rates. San Diego has great weather year-round, and isn't as crowded as some of the other metropolitan areas in California. There are homes for sale in every prospective buyer's price range, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your perfect home if you decide to move here.

#1 – Austin, TX
Austin, Texas has something to offer everyone. It's home to the University of Texas, so higher education is easily accessible in this town. Many technology companies have their headquarters based here, and that's a career field that hasn't been hit as hard as others by the recession. Because of that, the average income of residents is higher than in most other cities across the nation. Austin is known for its music scene, but it is also home to numerous parks and outdoor venues. For all of these reasons, we rank it as the number-one city if you're looking to buy a home this year!

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