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Renovate Your Home Right Now!


Renovate Your Home Right Now

The Top 5 Reasons to Renovate Your Home Right Now - Take a look around... How much better could your home look with a few upgrades? If your home is in need of some renovations, there’s no time like the present to tackle them – as in, the immediate present. Here are the top 5 reasons to renovate your home right now:

1.  You can cross a New Year’s resolution off your list
Be honest – how are all of those New Year’s resolutions really going? Are you actually getting up and going to the gym 5 days a week? Have you still not touched a cigarette? Are you still staying out of all the office gossip? Yeah, we didn’t think so! If you want to consider one of your resolutions a success, why not tackle that list of home renovations? After all, the paint in the living room is still chipped, the baseboards are still cracked, and that master bathroom isn’t getting any more attractive. By taking care of one (or all!) of them right now, you can brag about sticking to at least one of your New Year’s resolutions in 2013!

2.  Interest rates are low
If you’ve got a major renovation project that you need to tackle – and, thus, you’re going to need to take out a loan to pay for it – you might as well pay as little interest as you can. Since the Federal Reserve is doing everything it can to purposely keep interest rates low, you’ll never get a better deal than you will right now. However, these deals won’t last forever. In fact, there was some speculation a couple weeks ago that the Fed was going to end its Quantitative Easing program sometime this year (that’s the program responsible for keeping interest rates so low). So, if you wait too long, you might wind up spending a whole lot more of your hard-earned money on interest!

3.  The traditional “buying season” is coming
Historically, the largest number of buyers comes out during the spring. So, if you get started on your renovation projects right now, your home will look perfect and will be all ready to go on the market by the time springtime rolls around. That way, you’ll be primed and ready for the busiest season of the year – meaning that, hopefully, your home can fetch as much money as possible during a sale!

4.  You might be able to get a contractor all to yourself
Typically, contractors are busiest between August and November. In January, lots of homeowners are so cash-strapped from the holidays that they don’t have any money to spend on renovations – so lots of contractors are left twiddling their thumbs this time of year! So, if you go out and hire a contractor right now, you may have the company all to yourself – meaning that your home renovation project might get finished even faster than it normally would. Want an even better reason to get your contractor all to yourself? In an effort to drum up business this time of year, some contractors will offer discounts – either on parts or labor – so you might even get to save a chunk of money!

5.  You can be on the cutting-edge
If you want your home renovation project to be totally trendy, now’s the time to do it! Since January is chock full of home shows, new color schemes, and other unveilings for the new year, you can get a jump on all of the new trends and incorporate them into your home – before many of your friends even know what they are!

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