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How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color


Picking the right paint color

What Do Your Paint Colors Say to Buyers? - When a buyer walks into your home, first impressions mean a lot. As they wander through your halls, different paint colors will give off different meanings and can extract certain feelings. It’s important for your paint to enhance your home and not distract from it. Using neutral paint colors allows the buyer to envision the home with their personal taste, but not every home on the market is covered in neutral paint! So, what do your current colors say about you?

Let’s start with the primary Colors

-  Red
Bright reds are stimulating colors and have been found to increase self-confidence. Although red is a strong color, it can be a turn off to buyers. Reds are also used in restaurants because it stimulates appetites, but you may want to rethink this color in your kitchen! That’s because too much red can be over-stimulating and make people feel anxious or agitated. Pink is a gentle, soothing color.  Pinks are known to increase understanding, but they’re also associated with the female gender. So, a pink bedroom may be seen as limiting for male buyers.  

-  Yellow
Yellow is known for increasing focus. It may stimulate conversations, enhance intelligence, and increase brain function. Bright yellow, however, can be very overwhelming and distracting on a large wall, so b e careful!

-  Blue
A deep blue represents concentration and focus. Many times being surrounded by deep blues can help a person make an important decision by eliminating the clutter in their mind. Deep blues are typically regarded as thoughtful colors. Similarly, light blue produces calmness similar to the focus of dark blues. Light blues are known to bring harmony and tranquility into the home. If you have aqua paint in your home, it may inspire trust in your home. That’s because aqua is the perfect color when meditating or engaging in deep thought.

What about the so-called “secondary colors”?

-  Orange
Orange is a fun color that represents youth and celebration. This color portrays laughter and confidence and typically brightens people’s day. Orange has the reputation of creativity and expanding your thinking. Orange is a very specific color and while it may bring happy, it could be distracting and even annoying to a potential buyer – especially if you use too much of it.

-  Green
Green is commonly associated with prosperity, both in terms of money and well-being. Bright greens are also symbolic of health and life and give the impression of stability and rejuvenation. Just don’t go too bright; otherwise, buyers may grab their sunglasses instead of make an offer!

-  Purple
Deep purples are known for their royal affiliations. Kings and Queens would adorn themselves with this color, and it’s still associated with affluence and nobility. Light purples such as violet and lavender give the impression of connection and humanity.  

So, what’s the bottom line?
A little bit of creativity with your paint choices shouldn’t damage your chances of selling your home, but large walls with bright colors are major mistakes when trying to sell your home. But if you’re changing paint colors, don’t be tricked into thinking that white is a neutral color! Many experts consider white to be the opposite of neutral. Instead, they see it as a bright color that may be distracting to potential buyers. Whether you have neutral colors already or need to cover a bright accent wall, removing any scratches or wear and tear with a fresh coat of paint will also help to attract buyers.  

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