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How to Create the Perfect Master Suite


How to Create the Perfect Master Suite

How to Create the Perfect Master Suite - Master Suites are quickly becoming a hot commodity in the real estate world. Having one can turn your bedroom into a relaxing reading room, a movie theater, a spa, or all of the above depending on your preference. Building a master suite takes a lot of time and energy, but it will add luxury to your home and your life – and it should definitely add resale value to your home!

Before you start, there is one big thing to consider – the other houses in your neighborhood. Are you already at the high end of the price range? Adding a master suite has a lot of potential for adding resale value, but you don’t want to put your house out of the market for your neighborhood. You never want to be the highest-priced home in the neighborhood, but on the other hand, you may actually find that a lot of the homes in the area already have master suites. So, as long as your plans are comparable to the rest of the area, you are ready to move forward!

If you’re actually adding on a room altogether, do it on the first floor. If you are older, you will appreciate not having to go up the stairs, and if you sell your house in the future, you won’t turn off a potential buyer that can’t or may not want to have their bedroom on the second floor. Although the final product will make any temporary inconveniences worth it, having construction done on your home can be a pain, so make sure the timing is right to keep those disruptions to a minimum! In this case, finding the right contractor is crucial. They should be able to work quickly and without turning your entire life upside down. After all, you have to live in this “construction zone” for a little while. If they can’t respect that, they’re not the contractor for you! Remember, your master suite should have all the amenities that make you and your significant other happy. The specifics will depend on your personal preferences, but here a few ideas to get you started:

1.  Heated floor tiles in the bathroom
There is nothing worse than getting out of a hot shower or a long relaxing bath and putting your feet on a freezing floor. Once you have experienced heated tiles, you’ll never want to step onto anything else!

2.  His and her bathroom sinks
If you have ever lived with a member of the opposite sex, you already know why this is a good idea!

3.  A fireplace
There is nothing better than cozying up with your loved one on a cold winter day. Adding a fireplace to your master suite will add warmth and romance to your home.

4.  An entertainment center
Putting in a flat screen TV with a DVD player can give you a place to watch movies or your favorite TV shows without having to share the remote with your kids or houseguests.

5.  A wine refrigerator
Why not relax after a long day of work or after a hot bath with a glass of wine? You can even have date night with your sweetie without having to leave the bedroom!

Above all else, have fun with the design of your master suite and when you’re picking out the “extras”. This addition to your home can add lots of fun, entertainment, and relaxation for years to come!


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