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Is a Security System the Best Home Renovation?


Is a Security System the Best Home Renovation?

Is a Security System the Best Home Renovation? - When people think of adding value to their home, they typically think about an updated kitchen or a new bathroom. Although it’s not the first renovation project that most people consider, a home security system is a great way to feel safe in your home and to add value should you decide to eventually sell your home.

The FBI recently reported that break-ins are the number one threat against homes, with a burglary occurring in the U.S. every 13 seconds! However, a home with an installed security system is 60% less likely to be burgled than a home without one.  

There are many additional benefits to adding a security system to your home. Many of today’s security systems have extra features that could save you money on your utility bills and on other problems that can occur in your home. For example, many security systems offer dimming features and offsite thermostat controls that can allow you to control your energy output with the touch of a button – even when you’re not home. Some security systems also offer emergency sensors for your home or basement that will signal an early alert against flooding, fires, or electrical problems.

Some of these emergency systems even have early warning systems against natural disasters such as tornadoes.  During a time when every second counts, having an early alert system could help you protect your home and your family!  

Plus, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner’s insurance if you’ve got a security system. These discounts can range anywhere from 15% to 30% (depending on your insurance company and what your specific security system can do). Not only will you get to save some serious cash in the meantime, this discount could be a major selling point for the next person buying your home!

And speaking of a future buyer, adding a security system to your home – as well as making a few other small security renovations – can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars on a future sale.

Like what?

-  Take some time to trim down overgrown bushes and trees. Not only will it improve the façade of your home, it will prevent places for burglars to hide!

-  Install new heavy-duty dead bolts. In addition to making your doors sturdier, potential buyers will see these improvements and will instantly gain a greater sense of security. They’ll be able to visualize feeling safe and secure in your home should it become their next home!

Should you decide to make a home security system your next renovation project, it’s important not to go overboard. It’s highly unlikely you will see any return if you install a top-of-the-line $15,000 system in your home.
Plus, going too far with your home security updates can be a turn-off to buyers and actually decrease the value of your home. If you have a huge security system in a small home, buyers may be distracted by the lights and wires and move on to a home that is more appropriately enforced. Even with the safety and security of an advanced system, no one wants to feel like they are living in Fort Knox!

If you are considering a new renovation project, a home security system may not be as glamorous as some other projects, but it will provide you and your family safety, security, and added value as soon as it’s activated!

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