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Home Renovations That Can Give You a Headache


Home Renovations That Can Give You a Headache

The Top 4 Home Renovations That Can Give You a Headache

One of the best parts about owning your home is the freedom to renovate it any way you choose! If you want a hot pink bedroom and a fireman’s pole leading from the second floor to the first, no one can stop you! But when you’re considering different renovations, there are certain things to think about. For the inside of your home, you can essentially do whatever you choose; however, on the outside your creativity has limits. So, before engaging in one of these projects, it’s important to check with your Home Owners Association or the local municipality to ensure that you have permission to complete these renovations. Because of the hoops you might end up jumping through, these are the top 4 home renovations that could give you a headache:

1. Painting
If you live in an area with a Home Owners Association, there almost always rules for painting your home. After all, the Association works to maintain the neighborhood and provides strict guidelines as to what is permitted in it. So, before you paint the exterior of your home, you need to check with your HOA to ensure that it follow their guidelines for the color of your home. Safety is also a concern when painting the exterior of your home. As of 2010, new restrictions have been put into place to ensure that the paint is safe. To learn more about these restrictions and lead-based paint, visit the EPA website at www.epa.gov/lead.

2. Adding a fireplace
There isn’t anything much better than cozying up to a fireplace on those cold winter nights. Fireplaces can add beauty and comfort to your home, as well as value should you ever decide to sell it. But adding a fireplace also needs approval from either your HOA or from the city. Many times, the fire department won’t allow fireplaces in a home for safety reasons, and it’s better to know that before you start, rather than halfway through your project. Some homeowners even had their municipality tell them no post-renovation! So, before you begin this project, make sure you have the approval of everyone who needs to give it.  

3. Building a deck
Although building a deck in your backyard seems like something that should totally be up to you, it isn’t. Decks require a permit to build, so when tackling this project, it’s important to build in the time and money for your permit into your budget. When considering the cost for this project, it’s important to note that a general rule of thumb is that the more intricate the deck, the more expensive the permit is likely going to be.

4. Installing a fence
Fences are great for privacy, but they’re not always great for aesthetics. Although your fence is technically in your yard, it’s something that will affect your neighbors in both appearance and safety. So, when installing a fence, it’s important to get a licensed builder to ensure that the fence is built according to code. That way, you can avoid a future hassle! Unless you live in a small town, it’s possible that no one will notice if you cut corners or forego the proper permit. However, doing so is a great way to cause yourself a lot of headaches in the future, should you ever decide to sell your home. Some of these projects are a big enough hassle on their own, so make sure you do them right the first time!


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