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What Do You Need to Know About Re-roofing?



Many people consider re-roofing an annoyance that must be done at a considerable expense. When people think of renovations they WANT to do, it’s typically the "sexy" renovations -- like a new spa-like master bathroom, or a renovated kitchen with shiny stainless steel appliances. The chore of re-roofing typically comes with sighs and moans instead of oohs and ahhs.

Re-roofing, though, can completely change a home's appearance. It can add natural light, add more living space, add more height to existing rooms, and upgrade the curb appeal. When you think about it that way, re-roofing can, in fact, be a "sexy" renovation!

 However, it’s not always an easy renovation to undertake! There are several things you need to know before taking on this project.

If you want to change the actual structure of your home, then altering the roof can add a lot of space that was previously unused. For example, if you have unused attic space, altering the structure when you re-roof could open up the area and turn it into living space. If you are planning on expanding your home, a good re-roofing may be all you need!

Just remember -- structural changes are much more difficult to make than cosmetic changes. In fact, these types of changes usually require a structural engineer, an architect, and a contractor -- and you can expect to pay a pretty penny for all of the above. However, changing the roof to add additional space will be more affordable and a more manageable renovation than building an entire new addition onto your home. So, in the end, you could wind up saving a bunch of money!

Before moving forward with a re-roofing project, make sure you have a contractor you trust. There are many things that can happen during this project, especially when a contractor goes up on the roof to replace it. If you haven’t replaced the roof before, it’s hard to know what’s lurking underneath, and with a costly renovation, you want to make sure you are getting the quality you deserve for the money you are spending.

Not sure WHO should handle your re-roofing?

Just like any other renovation, talk to your friends and family to see if they have a contractor that they trust. If that doesn't work, do your homework on the web. Look up lots of reviews online, and ask for references when you narrow down a list of "potentials". When it comes to something as major as re-roofing, you can't be too careful!

 Also, one pretty good rule of thumb when it comes to any renovation -- and especially something as extensive as re-roofing -- is that these projects tend to go over budget. The last thing you want to do is run out of money for your re-roofing project and end up with only half a roof! That means you've got to plan ahead and, more importantly, spend extra time saving up.

Re-roofing can give your home an entire new appearance, so don’t look at is as

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