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Why Do Potential Buyers Hate Your Renovations?


ugly renovations

OK, so you understand that making some renovations is a great way to increase the appeal of your home.  
But what if those renovations aren't enough?  What if everyone still seems uninterested in your home?
One of these reasons is probably to blame:

1.  Because they don't feel welcome
Making a great first impression is crucial when you're trying to sell a house, but it's even more crucial these days.  Even though the number of existing home sales has creeped up ever so slightly in 2012, it is still very much a buyer's market.  That means you have to work even harder to make your home stand out.
However, you can't do that if your front door is faded and worn, if your landscaping is overgrown and full of weeds, or if you've got things like shoes, car keys, and umbrellas cluttering the foyer.  Things like that set a negative tone for the rest of a potential buyer's tour!

2.  Because you forgot about the details
OK, so you went out and bought some new bushes or a few plants that add a nice splash of color.  But if you forgot all about the mulch, your front and back yards are never going to have that "polished" look.  
And, remember, in addition to looking good, mulch holds in moisture and fights against weeds -- two things that can keep your landscaping looking newer for longer.  In today's real estate market -- where houses are taking longer to sell then they did pre-recession -- that's something you need to consider.  You may need that landscaping to look good for another two or three months!
Another detail you may have overlooked?  The caulk in your bathroom.
Even if you renovated your bathroom, you probably didn't get a brand new tub and shower.  As a result, all of the mold and mildew sitting inside of it is still there!  Sometimes, though, even the best cleaning won't get rid of it.  Instead, you'll have to put down some new caulk.  It's not hard to do, but it's certainly a must-do.  After all, you don't want people thinking of your home as being "dirty"!

3.  Because you didn't give any thought to your closets
If you spent thousands of dollars on new hardwood floors, a more modern kitchen, and an upgraded master bathroom, congratulations!  Those are all going to make a great impression on potential buyers.
But don't get so caught up in upgrades that you forget about your closets.
Your closets are more important than you think.  More and more Americans are turning to smaller homes these days (mainly in an effort to save money), which means they need to make the most out of every inch.  That includes storage space.  So, if your closets are full of junk, potential buyers won't be able to see just how much space there is.  As a result, they may not think your home has enough storage space for them.  That can actually prevent them from making an offer -- despite the fancy floors and other upgrades!

4.  Because your home stinks… literally!
Trying to sell a stinky home in a stinky real estate market isn't going to work -- no matter how many other upgrades you've sprung for.  If someone in your house is a smoker, you're going to have to work hard to get rid of the odor before potential buyers start touring your house.
Remember, smoke can get caught in carpets and even in your walls, so it can be a challenging opponent.  Start by getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned.  If the smell is still there, tap into the power of baking soda.  It's a natural neutralizer, so sprinkle it in your trash cans, in your garbage disposal, and in any other non-noticeable spots that you can.
If the smell is coming from your walls, your only option may be to paint.  Start with a gloss or sealant to create a barrier between the smoke that has seeped into the old paint and the rest of your room.  Then, cover it with a fresh coat of paint.

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