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How to Create the Perfect Listing


create the perfect listing

Selling your house comes down to… well… selling!  Just like anything else, you need the perfect sales pitch.  In this case, that means coming up with the perfect listing.  
But when you consider just how tough it is to sell houses these days, your listing is even more important.  Whether or not you get your asking price or sell your home as quickly as you’d like will depend on each and every word you use in your listing.
So, what are some of the word you need to be using?
-  Words that emphasis upgrades that you’ve made
Not only do homebuyers like the idea of state-of-the-art upgrades, they also like hearing that they won’t have to spend their own time, money, and frustration on making improvements to the home themselves, after they buy it.  So, by including words like “gourmet kitchen” or “spa-like master bathroom”, you’re telling people that all of the improvements they’re looking for have already been made.  
And, if you’ve used certain materials – like granite on your countertops, hardwood on your floors, or stainless steel on your appliances – be sure to mention it in your listing.  That way, potential buyers will know that you haven’t spared any expense to make your home the best on the block!

-  “Move-in ready”
Let’s face it – moving is enough of a hassle all by itself.  The last thing people want to do is have to paint, patch up holes, or make a bunch of little repairs before they can move their stuff in and officially call the place “home”.  In fact, according to a recent study by the Wall Street Journal, homes that use the term “move-in ready” sell 12% faster than homes that don’t!

-  Words that make buyers think “affordable” without making them think “cheap”
If you think your home would be great for a young family, make sure the listing talks about its potential as a “starter home” – as in, for a family that’s just starting out in the adult world.  It may seem like a simple phrase, but it implies that the home is affordable.  
If you describe that same home as a “great family home”, people are going to think it’s a place where they can set down roots for decades – and, thus, it must cost a fortune.

As important as choosing the RIGHT words in your listing are, it’s equally important to stay clear of the WRONG words!  Remember, houses are staying on the market longer than they did before the recession began.  In order to make sure your house doesn’t sit on the market for months on end, you have to make sure it sits ahead of the pack.  That means avoiding these words in your listing at all cost:
-  “Cute”
It’s a perfectly acceptable term for describing babies and puppies, but it’s one of the worst ways to describe your home.  That’s because it implies that your home is small – and the last thing buyers want is to shove all of their stuff into a home that simply isn’t big enough.

-  “Must sell”
In the real estate world, this means you’re desperate – and desperate people never get what they ask for at the negotiation table.  Even if you are desperate to sell your home, you can’t let potential buyers know that.  It’s a surefire way to lose money on a sale that you’re probably already losing money on, depending on when you bought the home!
(The same also applies to the term “motivated”.)

-  “Fixer-upper”
With foreclosures making up nearly 25% of the homes sold in September, there are enough “fixer-uppers” on the market today – and all of those foreclosures are going to be priced a whole lot better than your home is.  So, unless you want to drop your asking price WAY below market value, either make some improvements or rewrite your listing.

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