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How Should You Remodel Your House in 2013?


how should you remodel your home?

Maybe the old song says it best, “A change would do you good.” Whether you’re trying to make some changes to your home in an effort to make it more appealing to buyers – or you simply want to make it more appealing to yourself – the new year is a great time to wipe the slate clean and take on some home remodeling projects. But what exactly should you do? After all, there are so many choices! Why not follow the trends? These 3 home renovation trends are going to be very popular in 2013:

1. Create a home office If the recession has taught us one thing, it’s that you have to be prepared for anything! Maybe your company is downsizing its office facilities and having more people work from home. Or, maybe you’re sick of living in fear of getting a pink slip and you’ve decided to start your own business? Or, maybe that part-time job just isn’t making ends meet and you need to make some extra cash. Whatever the reason, you need some home office space! We’re not just talking a nice desk and a computer shoved into the corner of your guest room, though. We’re talking a fully-functional, completely corporate space. A space where you can spend 40 hours a week (if need be) without feeling cramped. And, most importantly, a space where you can shut the door at 5:00 on Friday and not enter again until Monday morning. The best part is that creating a home office doesn’t require any permanent changes. So, if you get the job of your dreams six months from now, it won’t be difficult to change that home office into a sewing room or back into a guest room if you want!

How to fund your renovations

2. Making the most of your tiny yard With more and more people ditching expensive vacations in favor of “staycations”, a nice backyard is an absolute must. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, though. All you need is some nice landscaping and maybe a few upgraded pieces of outdoor furniture. That way, you’ll have a comfy place to hang out and have a glass of wine while the kids play! Want to get the most bang for your buck in the backyard? Opt for renovations that don’t require a whole lot of maintenance – like plants that can handle any temperature Mother Nature throws at you or a fence that doesn’t have to be stained once a year. That way, what little free time you DO have won’t be spent slaving away in the backyard!

3. Focus on affordable glamour While everyone wants a beautiful kitchen, the days of professional-grade kitchens went bye-bye when home equity loans became tougher to get! You can get a great look without spending an arm and a leg, though. For example, instead of the high-end hardwood floors, why not opt for faux wood? In addition to being cheaper, they’ll also be a whole lot more forgiving when you spill something on them! Or, instead of getting brand new stainless steel appliances, why not get new faceplates for your existing appliances? That way, they’ll look new, but they’ll only cost a fraction of the price! The same goes for your cabinets. Instead of getting all new cabinets, just replace the doors (or, just re-finish the doors and simply opt for new hardware). You’ll get a fresh new look while keeping most of your money in your pocket… That’s the real trend of 2013!

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