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Original Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home


Home selling ideas

If you're trying to sell your home and have been searching the internet for clever tips on how to attract more prospective buyers, you may have noticed that most articles give the same suggestions. That's why we've compiled this list of outside-of-the-box ideas that other sellers may not have considered, that you can use to your advantage:

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

According to Reader's Digest, 92% of all homebuyers begin their search process online. So, in our technology-driven society, it's important that your online listing stand out. Since so many prospective buyers spend their lunch break looking at homes on their smartphones, it's essential that your home's online listing have as many pictures as possible. Don't just tell them about your spacious kitchen. Show them photos, so they can envision themselves living in the home and using that kitchen. In fact, a recent study reported that listings with 6 or more pictures were twice as likely to be viewed than listings with less than 6 pictures.

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2. Use social media to your advantage

If you have a Facebook page, post your home's listing on your wall, and ask your friends and family to do the same. Each person that posts the link to your listing is helping you out because they may be friends with someone you aren't, and that someone could end up being the buyer who purchases your home. Also, use the video function on your phone, the webcam on your laptop, or FlipCam if you have one, and make a video walk through of your home. Then, post it on YouTube! The realtor is going to tell the buyer about all the amenities the home has to offer during a showing, but you can add some personal stories and fresh perspective since you've lived in it. Talk about what you and your family loved about the home, and a prospective buyer may envision their family loving the same things about it. For example, if your children are older now, but once loved to play in the upstairs bonus room when they were younger, say it's a place where a lifetime of memories were made. A buyer with young children of their own can identify with that, and may buy your home.

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3. Sweeten the pot

A lot of sellers will cover the buyer's closing costs in an effort to sell their home, but it's no longer considered going above and beyond. So what is? How about leaving behind something of value that you know the buyer will appreciate – like the nice stainless steel refrigerator or stove with the home, or maybe even that nice large flatscreen TV in the living room. If there's something about your home that is a major selling point, and you can live without it at your new home, or can afford to purchase a new one, include it in the sale. The gesture will go a long way with the buyer, and it could be the difference in how quickly your home sells.

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4. Throw a block party!

No, we don't mean getting out some traffic cones, closing down the streets that surround your home, hiring some off-duty police officers for crowd control, and throwing a huge bash! By block party, we mean invite all your neighbors to your open house. Not only will they have the opportunity to meet some of the people interested in your home, but they can tell them all the great things about living in the neighborhood. Also, encourage them to invite their friends – especially those who they know have always been interested in purchasing a home in the neighborhood. If they help spread the word that your home is for sale, more prospective buyers will hear about it. Who knows – your buyer just may come through the grapevine!

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